Enduromax Grade 14 Thrust Bearing Hinge

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Enduromax Grade 14 Thrust Bearing Hinge

Size: 125mm x 102mm x 3.5mm
Colour: Satin Stainless Steel
Type: Square Rose

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  • Grade 14 Thrust Bearing Hinge, Square (Max Load 160kg) Non removable pin. These are usually specified in heavy use commercial developments such as schools, hospitals, airports, public buildings. They carry a CE mark and are Certifire tested. BS EN 1935 rated. This substantial premium hinge carries a 25 year mechanical guarantee. For standard internal residential doors a pair of hinges is adequate;  however fitting 3 hinges per door has its advantages. It will look aesthetically pleasing and from a practical viewpoint it helps spread the load evenly and will help to overcome twisting or warping. This can sometimes happen to doors over a period of time where heat and moisture are a factor. Suitable for all domestic, commercial and industrial use.

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