Colour Run Comes to Cumbria

On the 8th May 2016 Team Carlisle Brass took part once again in the “Happiest 5km on the Planet” at Carlisle Racecourse to help raise money for Eden Valley Hospice. Colour Runs have been sweeping across the world since ‘The Colour Run’ was founded in America in March 2011. 

We were very proud to be involved in the event. Its aim, to help promote healthiness and happiness by bringing people together to join in the fun. We had our own paint station as well as a team out running. The Colour Run is a five-kilometre, un-timed race in which thousands of participants, or “Colour Runners”, are doused from head to toe in different colours at each kilometre. With only two rules:

  1. Wear white to the starting line

  2. Finish plastered in colour

Cumbria’s Colour Run is not about setting the fastest 5km time, it is about having fun. Whether you run, walk, dance or even conga around the picturesque route. You are guaranteed the most colourful time of your life as you are showed in vibrant paint at the different paint stations.

Sponsor Team CB

Team Carlisle Brass at the Colour Run 2016 -

 Team CB

Team Carlisle Brass Volunteer Paint Throwers, proudly manned our stand throughout the race,

 Team CB

Team Carlisle Brass Runners with their well deserved medals post-carnage,

Team CB