Handles that will engage your children

The genuine look of glee on a child’s face when they play with a great toy is universal and there is no better feeling for a parent when they see this.

Carlisle Brass has used this inspiration for the creation of their latest range of door handles and cabinet hardware from their Cebi European brand.

Handles and hinges are Carlisle Brass’s speciality, anybody in the architectural ironmongery business will tell you that and they have always aimed to help people transform their homes with innovative products! The Joy collection by Cebi combines bright colours, funky designs and fun characters that will lift your child’s bedrooms and play areas.

Your children can be involved in planning and designing the look and style of their own living space in an engaging way, they can match colours pick styles and chose their favourite character to suit their personality. There are no sharp edges and the materials used are designed to stimulate your child’s touch sensations.

Carlisle Brass has launched the range with a shiny new brochure which includes a kid’s competition (aimed at children between the ages of 3 and 11) where your child can design a handle, Carlisle Brass will then create a replica of the winning design for your child to keep.

For more information please call our sales department on 01228 511030 or speak to your local representative. A version of the brochure can be downloaded from www.carlislebrass.com