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Article from in-cumbria Business Awards 2017...

The key to a successful thriving business undoubtedly lies it its marketing strategy.

Those companies with the vision to develop an effective multimedia campaign will always steal a march on their competitors a fact recognised by in-cumbria in its Business Awards this year.

Helping Cumbrian businesses grow and develop while building their brand is central to in-cumbria's ethos, which is why this BEst Marketing Strategy honour is an integral part of this year's awards.

In tune with this is Carlisle Brass, who as sponsors of the award recgnise just how important marketing is to a thriving, developing company.

Based at Parkhouse Road in Kingstown, Carlisle Brass has grown over the past 31 years into one of Europe's leading distributors of architectural brassware and fittings.

In addition to its Carlisle centre which has a staff of 90 the company has businesses in Blackburn, Kirkham near Preston, Dublin, Dubai employing a further 47 people with another 200 working in its factory in China.

According to Carl Smith, head of customer services and marketing at Carlisle Brass for 10 years, good marketing is vital to a company's long-term success which is why the company focuses so strongly on this aspect of its development.

"it is all about sending out the right message, Good marketing is the difference between short and long-term success," he said. Carl is proud that this firm is heavily involved in the in-cumbria awards.

"The in-cumbria Business Awards are a brilliant way of working together with other organisations across the county from a corporate point of view. Being involved in these prestigious awards sends out a great message," he said.

"As we develop this further we want to attract the best people to physically do this. this is a great place to work and we are looking for people with academic ability and industry skills. We promote from within and pride ourselves on career develo[pment through training. We work with the chamber of commerce on this and also have staff doing the Charted Institute of Marketing qualification.

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