Carlisle Brass products are distributed through a strong network of trade outlets in the UK, we work closely with these retailers to make sure that customer’s orders are delivered where and when they need them. If you are looking to purchase, you can find a local distributor of our products, please visit our where to buy section

We've established this network over time working with our distributors that are highly skilled, bringing a depth of experience, and can prove their ability to provide reliable products. Working together efficiently meeting ours and ultimately your customers needs.

Marketing Support
Our distributors are provided with a wealth of marketing support produced in-house making it quick and easy to provide content so you can include product ranges in your own publication - be that via a website or printed brochure. We also can provide web data to import into you own website reducing the need to manually data entry.

Our distributor network work in competitive markets needing reliable service and strong products to support their customers needs. We have an extensive proven track record working with them over the 30 years we have been in business demonstration our commitment to meeting your needs.

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