Heavy Duty Hinge Guard Finger Protector Brown, opening side.

Product Code: ES807

Heavy Duty Finger Protector

Colour: Brown
Type: Opening Side 180deg

  • Brown, opening side. A flexible safety strip which prevents fingers being trapped on the hinge side of a door. One for the front of the door and one for the rear (sold separately). Of the 30,000 finger-trapping accidents every year in the UK the vast majority occur in the large gap in front of the hinge as the door closes, but the rear of the hinge also presents a potential hazard to careless small hands. These devices fit most doors and are simplicity itself to install. They are designed and tested to be durable and eliminate the possibility of finger trapping accidents. Improves acoustic and draught proofing performance. Finger protection systems are now installed in many public and private establishments and are rapidly becoming an essential fixture in schools and healthcare centres nationwide. They are now considered a necessity by Health & Safety officers nationwide and worldwide.

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