Door furniture that would get Hercule Poirot’s seal of approval

Carlisle Brass design team creates Art Deco range inspired by

New York’s Empire State Building


If you’ve seen the recent Hollywood film, Murder on The Orient Express, starring Sir Kenneth Branagh, it may surprise you to learn that a door handle from Carlisle Brass was used on one of the sets.


The handle in question was designed by the in-house product design team at Carlisle Brass, the UK's largest specialised developer of door and window furniture. The product is part of the company’s own designer range which is closely aligned with upcoming design trends in the home and interiors market.


Lewis Irving, Product Designer at Carlisle Brass, explains: “Working closely with our marketing team, we spend a lot of time researching the market looking at consumer trends in the fashion, home interiors, entertainment and popular culture sectors. Design tastes are often cyclical, so we also look at past designs to see if there’s some inspiration for new or updated products. All of this helps us get a clear picture of what our retail customers and end users want in their homes.”


He added: “While looking at past ranges, we identified that we didn’t have anything that was representative of the Art Deco era. We wanted something simple and stylish that instantly gave a sense of Art Deco, but modern enough to look good in contemporary settings. The door handle used in ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ has a sleek and simple ‘stepped look’ that was inspired by New York’s Empire State Building.”


The design team at Carlisle Brass first heard that their product was used in the Hollywood film, ‘Murder on the Orient Express’, by accident. It was first spotted in the film’s trailer, and sure enough, the delighted design team saw the product in one of the film’s most important scenes.


Angus Grant, the director of product management at Carlisle Brass, was most pleased: “I was absolutely delighted to see our Art Deco lever throughout the carriages of the Orient Express in the film. It looks superb. This was the first product myself and our Lead Designer, Lewis, worked on together so it’s all in-house designed here in Carlisle. When we saw the early renders and samples coming of the 3D printer, we knew we’d nailed it. I’m glad Hollywood agree.


Designing products in-house with 3D printing means prototypes can be created in a couple of hours.


The design and prototyping of products for the home can be quite a lengthy process. Carlisle Brass now use 3D printer technology to help speed up the time to get a new product to market. The design team’s 3D printer, affectionately known as Zoë, means that initial designs and subsequent revisions can be created in a fraction of the time it took in the past.

Lewis Irving explains: “We find that the real discussions about design and product development start when everyone involved can touch and feel the prototype in their hands. In the past, we had to work with 3D drawings which were sent off to an outside company to be made into product samples. It’s not unusual to do several versions and revisions of each new product, so as you can imagine, this was a pretty lengthy process. Our new way of working, thanks to Zoë, means that we can incorporate revisions and variations to our designs in a couple of hours.”


Bespoke or exclusive ranges or design modifications are now fast and easy.


He added: “We often work with leading interior designers, architects or high-end retailers who like to have bespoke or exclusive designs to offer their clients. Adding the 3D printing technology to our design process means we can easily adapt existing designs, or even create a brand new design that’s exclusive to a retailer, or home builder. We’re the only door and window furniture company in the UK who designs new products in this way.”








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