Sliding Door Systems - More Space, More Light, More Life.

Introducing German designed and engineered sliding door systems. Non-drill glass and wooden sliding doors that free up valuable space in your home and flood your house with natural light. Our sliding door systems are easy to install and can be fitted to virtually any home in less than half a day with no need for any complicated building work.

Imagine your home filled with light and space to transform the way you live and work, allowing better use of space and creating a Zen-like calmness throughout your home.

Planeo 60 Pro Comfort PL060GW2SSO





Fall in love with your home and create separate living spaces with light, warmth and energy. Open plan living is part of modern life, but sometimes you need a space to reflect or a little time to think that’s separate from the everyday hustle and bustle. Now you can have the best of both worlds.




R8 Comfort R8060GW1SSO 





Small or dark areas of your home can become light and spacious. Difficult corners are transformed to give you more floor space. Our sliding doors integrate style and function to glide gently and silently straight along the surface of the wall, making all floor areas available for you to use. No more wasted space or compromise on living.








Our sliding door systems are easy to fit and can instantly transform your living space making it appear larger, lighter and more luxurious.

A smaller living room can start to feel more spacious with the addition of a stylish sliding door. More light begins to flood into the room and opens up the space and allows you to live the way you want.

Furniture can fill the space once claimed by a traditional solid door and allow you to use more of the space in your room and transform the way you live.





Open space living can provide room to spread out but can also leave rooms difficult to use. A dining space can be transformed into a home office or a space to concentrate on homework. A living room can be split to create a playroom and a quiet space for Mum and Dad to relax.

Plain or decorative glass doors allow light to flow through and let you see the whole family whilst enjoying your own space. Solid design sliding doors give you more privacy whilst maintaining a high-quality finish.



 R8 Comfort R8060GW1SSO





Make the most of your home and create spaces that allow you to gaze out onto your garden. We’re all searching for that illusive indoor/outdoor lifestyle, where our homes melt seamlessly into gorgeous gardens.

These elegant sliding doors transform your home so you can use your space your way and expand your living space by bringing the outside in.




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