Cash 4 Kids

Carlisle Brass have signed up to become a drop-off point in Carlisle, for Cash for Kids – Mission Christmas.

Each Christmas they reach out to organisations and other charities who work with children from the ages of 0 to 18 years, to provide gifts to underprivileged, disadvantaged and disabled children who will wake up on Christmas Day without a gift from Santa or their loved ones. Across Cumbria and South West Scotland, one in four children live in poverty. Child poverty is described as living in a house without central heating, going to bed without a hot meal and waking up to an inadequate school uniform. For these families, Christmas is a luxury they cannot afford.

The main focus this year is for babies, teenage boys and girls aged 9-13. They get lots of toys for boys and girls aged 5-9, but really struggle for the youngest and oldest of children. We are encouraging people to donate a new and unwrapped gift into the toy appeal. These gifts are for 0-18 year olds, with a focus on babies up to 18 months, girls aged 9-13 and boys 15-18.

Examples of gifts in these areas include:

Babies – Dummies, teddies, blankets, baby wipes, nappies, shakers, bibs, socks, baby grows, bottles.

Girls 9-13 – Arts & Crafts sets, activity packs, books, pyjamas, slippers, Lip balms, smellies, socks, stationary, bags, purses.

Males 15-18 – T-shirts, slippers, socks, wallets, shower gel sets, Sprays, footballs, watches, gadget things, scarves.

The donation box has been placed in the Carlisle reception by the stairs. The deadline for donating gift is Friday 8th December.

However, if you would like to donate in other ways there is also the following:

Text to Donate – ‘CFM’ to 70808 gives £5 to Cash for Kids. 100% of this donation goes to the charity. This enables us to buy more specialist equipment for disabled children ie. Sensory equipment and toys.

Online via the CFM website –

The mission is to ensure every child has a happy Christmas. This year’s target is to help 7,150 children. Mission Christmas will not end child poverty – but will give HOPE and shows these children that we do care and want to make a difference in their lives.