CDG420 is a template adjustable overhead door closer, EN 2 – 4, which is suitable for inward or outward opening doors up to 80kg in weight, and/or 1100mm wide. It has been successfully tested in all installation applications to BS EN1154:1996, and covered by CE and Certifire accreditations. Suitable for use on timber fire doors, up to 120 minute rating. Includes a cover and Fig6 bracket as standard.

DoP Certificate

DoC Certificate

CDG420 Fitting Printing Requirements

Installation Inst sheet (CGD420) – To be printed on A4 double sided.

Template Fitting (CDG420 Template) – To be printed A3 double sided. These need to be printed at precisely 1:1 scale. Do not fit to page size, print out at 100% scale on A3, with printer calibrated to A3 size. This is a template and must line up fully with the physical product.

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Technical Details

Specifications of the unit including the dimensions of the unit and the parts you will receive. This drawing is the property of Carlisle Brass Limited, all design rights reserved.

Price Matrix

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Technical specification
Technical specification
Technical specification
Technical specification
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